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Sun Effect specializes in developing innovative products, all products objectives are environmental improvement. Product development from initial concept to mass production, this process is a complex process which includes engineering development, patenting, building production files and prototypes, product testing and QA. The company  developing dedicated production lines which can produce the products in the most efficient way. Sun Effect is marketing its products around the world.

At 2011 Sun Effect has joined the green energy revolution, the company focused on the design, construction, monitoring and maintenance of solar power plants around Israel. Sun Effect costumers are enjoying sufficient and effective service to their power plants. Dozens of power planes were installed during 2011-2012 by Sun Effect. By doing that Sun Effect acquired knowledge and experience in this field.

Our vision is to be a world wide leading player in unique energy efficiency solutions development , solutions that will lead to energy efficiency by using innovative thinking, seeking for energy improvement in all the day to day activities All developments and products manufacturing is made in Israel, out of a desire contribute to the prosperity in Israel and create jobs opportunities in Israel.


Sun Effect has establishing a special green energy innovation research and development department, the R&D department had developed CLEAR, fully automated robotic cleaning system for solar panels. This development began after realizing that solar panels need to be cleaned and washed frequently and that the  leaning process is not a simple one. Cleaning panels should be done frequently and in high quality while using all protections to prevent unnecessary human injuries while cleaning the panels in the Sun in the middle of the day on the roof. Sun Effect identified the problem started developing CLEAR, automatic  cleaning robotic system of solar panels.

Roni Cohen - CEO and founder, roni has rich experience in product development, creative thinking, general management and the management of complex software programs. Roni gained his experience over the years the largest companies in Israel. At 2011 Roni founds Sun Effect and in recent years he is leading  un effect in launching unique products.

Efrat Sagi Ofir - VP Operations and COO, Efrat has experience in complex operations management, leading products from the development phase to mass production and distribution worldwide. Efrat acquired her experience in the most successful international companies in  srael. 

Development Eng. Operators and installers are experienced people. They are getting extensive training in order to provide the quality service and the best products to the customer. Customer service and product quality are the top priorities for Sun Effect

Sun Effect in launching  "CLEAR" robotic cleaning system and immediately starting to installs dozens of robotic cleaning systems across the Israel and thus acquires experience and expertise in the field of robotic cleaning systems for solar powers. Sun Effect installs robotic systems for various types of solar power plants, for example 20-meter-long robot that cleans 250 kwatt panels at every cleaning . This accumulated knowledge and experience enables Sun Effect to have a leading product and to be able to install robotic cleaning system on every power plant.