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Smart & Simple

Written patent

Perfectly cleanssolar panels by removing dust and birds droppings, no overhead expense is needed, no additional constructions and no maintenance expenses.

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Spotless cleaning

Remove all soil types

Perfectly cleans panels from all soil through a unique & optimal combination of spraying soft water in a uniform layer onto the panel surface and bushing them with a specially designed brush.

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Maximum efficiency of sun light usage

Frequent cleaning of the solar panels increases the power plant efficiency and the lifetime of the panels. Installing CLEAR is the optimal way to get the maximum benefits out of your investment.

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fully automated

CLEAR robotic system is controlled by a robust control unit, the operating schedule is planned ahead. On top of the scheduled time, the system can be operated at any point in time per weather conditions and 

Install base

Sun Effect has large install base all over Israel and 2 years of experience in manufacturing and installing robotic cleaning systems. Hundreds of system and about 1,000 robots are already installed  all over Israel.

Latest Projects

12-meter-long robot

14 January, 2014

Ground system

14 January, 2014
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12 robots

14 January, 2014

28 robots

14 January, 2014

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